Pine Block Board Frame

SDealing for wooden boards you get pine block board and silver black board powered through a dedicated packaging system.

Pine Block Board Frame

Pine Block Board Frame

Owing to our experience, we have identified the pine block board frame as a very important and economical solution to a variety of applications. These are 5-layer strong constructions that build for the base of other furniture or wooden products as plywoods. The face and back are well sanded for a flawlessly smooth finish. Block boards are a hardwood frame placed between two or more layers of veneers on either side known for their extraordinary strength, dimensional stability and durability.

Pine block board frame from Sairam Groups has an immense load-bearing capacity, lightweight nature and low bendability and these block boards are perfect for furniture building as in tables, shelves, cabinets and benches, wardrobes, doors, panels, partitions, etc. Sri Ram Groups block boards are extensively appreciated amongst our clients for their best in class quality raw materials. Manufactured using similarly rigorous standards and processes as per the industry standards and these Block Boards are available at affordable prices. General dimensions of the product that are offered are:

General dimensions of the product that are offered are:


9mm x 910mm x 1820mm/2430mm

15mm x 910mm x 1820mm/2430mm

14mm x 1220mm x 1800mm-2500mm

20mm x 1220mm x 1800mm-2500mm

27mm x 1220mm x 1800mm-2500mm

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